Decisions, Decisions

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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How do we make decisions about our lives, or is it all just a matter of luck? Jo and Rufus, the talking dog, think that tossing a coin is just as good as anything else. It seems to work for a while, then things go seriously wrong...

'A great school musical that that is lots of fun to perform, dealing with issues of consumerism and creating your own future.'

Ages: 7 - 13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 27+

When Jo can’t decide which breakfast cereal he wants to eat, his Gran gives him a coin to toss helping him make up his mind. (Decisions, Decisions)  On his way to school, he meets his two friends Dan and Alex who have no difficulty making choices - Dan decides to join the athletics team instead of the choir this year, and Alex tells Jo how easy it is to have opinions on things. Jo is amazed how easy his friends make decisions and promises to  see them later. Further on, he bumps into Mal who is ‘wagging off’ school to go to the shopping arcade. Jo’s conscience takes over and  two opposing thoughts wrestle an argument in his mind. Should he go to school, or not? (It’s a No-Win Situation). Jo remembers the old coin that his Gran gave him so he tosses it to tell him what to do, and half an hour later, he finds himself in the local newsagent and meets Mal there. Outside the shop, three shoppers with their children discuss how  people have too many choices these days - Jo and Mal watch on. (What Shall we Buy?) They both head into the local news agent. To Jo’s surprise, he becomes the millionth customer to step through the door, and his prize is to become a contestant on (A Million to One), a game show in which the contestant has to choose the correct sequence of red or black cards. Jo let’s the coin decide and he wins the star prize. On his way out of the studio however, he is mugged by some thugs who leave him in the gutter (Guttersnipe Blues). A stranger offers to help by giving Jo a lift home but Rufus, Jo’s dog, saves the day and helps Jo avoid the perils of the unknown stranger. (Use your Little Head)  

Decisions, Decisions
It's a No-Win Situation
What Shall we Buy?
A Million to One
Guttersnipe Blues
Use Your Little Head

Jo: our hero/heroine
Rufus: Jo’s talking dog
Mum: Jo’s Mum
Gran: Mum’s Mum
Mal:   (friends of Jo at school)
Thought 1
Thought 2
Shoppers 1, 2 and 3
TV Presenter
Glamorous assistant
Camera operator
A couple of thugs

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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-2-3

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