Attack of the Potato People - Score, Script and MP3s (Digital Download)

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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Children are always asked what they want to be when they grow up. When Jo wanders in to a shoe shop she tries on different shoes and is transported into various workplaces associated with them. All is fun until she encounters the sinister Potato People who persuade her that becoming lazy is much better than getting a real job.

'A fabulous school musical that is lots of fun to perform, dealing with decisions about work and idleness.'

Ages: 8 - 13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 22+

Jo was passing the shops down in her local town and noticed that the Shoe Shop was having a sale. The sign outside said SALE. TRAINERS – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Intrigued, she popped in. The shoe sales person explained how the shoes people wore explained something about their character and their occupation. So Jo tries on a pair of fire-fighting trainers and immediately we meet Scorchy and Red, two firemen who explain the dangers of becoming a fire-fighter (Fire Alarm). Jo becomes part of the fire crew  but has to be rescued from a real house fire. She decides that this is definitely not the occupation for her! Returning the trainers, she’s offered a pair of Postman shoes which she tries on. Four ‘Posties’ describe the life of the postal worker to Jo. (Song of the Rambling Posties). It turns out to be more dangerous than she thought because of the raging dogs they encounter, so Jo decides she wants something more glamorous and experiences the life of a model (Catwalk Fodder). Covered in make-up and fancy clothes, she likes the feeling, but gets warned that she must be careful not to eat too much food to keep the weight down. The world of work is all too overwhelming for Jo and she becomes very depressed by it all.(Shoe Shop Blues) Jo asks for her money back from the salesperson but is refused, and just when she’s leaving, she notices a door at the back of the shop. She enters and, exhausted, falls asleep. In her sleep he meets some unsavoury characters who enter her dreams and warn of the dangers of laziness. (Potato People). Jo takes heed of the message and decides to work hard in future (Turn the Words Around).

Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire Alarm
Song of the Rambling Posties
Catwalk Fodder
Shoe Shop Blues
Potato People
Turn the Words Around

Shoe Salesperson
Red and Scorchy:  The fire-fighters
Four Postmen
Make-up Artist
Catwalk Fodder
At least 4 Potato People

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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-6-1

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