Reach Out and Touch - A Confrontational Cantata (Free Download)

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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Conflict is escalating in Ukraine, putting millions of children and their families in immediate danger. More than half a million children in Ukraine are already affected as the conflict in the east of the country enters its eighth year. Homes, schools, water supplies and hospitals are damaged. Landmines pose a major threat to childrens lives.

UNICEF is especially concerned for the safety and wellbeing of children who have become separated from their families.

UNICEF has been working around the clock to keep children safe since this conflict began eight years ago. We are helping to make sure that child health and protection services are sustained and families have clean water and nutritious food.

Although we are not charging you for performing Reach Out and Touch, if you are interested to perform our work, you are most welcome to give to our fundraising efforts to support UNICEF FUNDRAISING FOR UKRAINE. Simply scan this QR code and you will be taken to out JUST GIVING PAGE, or visit our fundraising page here:

 Please donate to help protect children in Ukraine.

This cantata was written in response to the events of 9/11 and is scored for full symphony orchestra, two children’s choirs, a semi-chorus, soloists and narrator. It can also be performed with just a piano accompaniment or MP3 backing tracks. 

Ages: 8 - 16

Performance time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Vocal Parts: Two large children's choirs, a semi-chorus, solo child, soprano, tenor, narrator.

Reach out and Touch is a story of two groups of people, the Wiggies - people with big hair, and the Waggies - people with big ears. They don’t exactly get on (If it Wasn’t for Them). Both groups are very proud of their identity (Hymn to Hair), (When you’ve got Ears). When the Wiggies discover that they have a great supply of a very valuable substance on their land, they find out that they can make a lot of money and that with their new-found wealth, comes power (Money is Power). They start to buy new things from the other rich and powerful countries and wonder what they could build with the profits (Prelude to Build you a Life). They build roads and  new houses, schools and retail outlets  (Build you a Life). However, they soon realise that they can get rid of their enemies,(Pick up a Stone). They build a big wall around their country and ban all Waggies from living inside it (Sticks and Stones).This cause widespread movement of refugees who are treated with hate and contempt by the Wiggies. (Lamb to the Slaughter). Meanwhile, back in their own country, the Waggies are getting very angry about the treatment of the refugees and the tension mounts on both sides, until the feud escalates into full-scale war between the two sides (War), whilst the rich and powerful countries get even richer and more powerful by supplying both sides with what they need.(Just Business). In the middle of all this, the people who are suffering most are the innocent refugees - as in most wars in recent times. (Lamb to the Slaughter - Reprise). The story ends with the song (Reach Out and Touch) reminding us all that we are not so different.


If it Wasn't for Them
Hymn to Hair
When You've got Ears
Money is Power
Build you a Life
Pick up a Stone
Sticks and Stones
Lamb to the Slaughter
Just Business
Reach Out and Touch

If it Wasn't for Them
Hymn to Hair
When You've got Ears
Money is Power
Prelude to Build you a Life
Build you a Life
Pick up a Stone
Sticks and Stones
Lamb to the Slaughter
Just Business
Lamb to the Slaughter (reprise)
Reach Out and Touch
Reach Out and Touch Full Performance

Script and Score:
Piano Score Example
Orchestral Score Example

Orchestra Instrumentation:
2 Flutes
2 Oboes
Cor Anglais
2 Clarinets in Bb
Bass Clarinet
2 Bassoons
Contra Bassoon
4 Horns in F
2 trumpets in Bb
2 Tenor Trombones
Bass Trombone
Drum Kit
Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Violin 1
Violin 2
Double Bass

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