License & copyright
If you are planning to stage any musicals or musical works published by up4itmusic, then it is a legal requirement for any school or organisation to purchase a performance licence from us. You will be required to obtain one license per show purchased which will allow you to perform the show as many times as you like within the space of one week.

There are two types of performance license.

If you are not charging your audience for admission, the performance licence will cost £25.00
If you are charging an admission price to your audience, your licence will cost £30.00

Licences are available to purchase online by clicking on the relevant box when you purchase one of our shows. A licence must be obtained at least one week before any performance is given.
Alternatively, you can download the Licence Application Form here, or photocopy and complete the Licence Application Form contained at the back of the purchased musical (hardcopy and download versions) and email it to We will invoice your school or other establishment for the correct license amount before your stated performance date. Payments can be made via BACS. 

Important: Please note that any blanket licences or permissions taken out with copyright agencies such as the Performing Rights Society (PRS) or Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) do not cover performances of any of our published works