Money Grows on Trees - Words, Piano/Vocal score & MP3 digital download

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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An upbeat Country and Western-style song in 4/4 time. 

1-part childrens' voice with piano accompaniment.
Vocal range - A to D
Money Grows on Trees

Score Example

What’s the point of lumps of wood
Growing in the ground?
They’re no use to anyone;
Come on – cut them down.
So – they’re someone’s habitat,
Blow the birds and bees.
Dollar bills are floating down
Cos money grows on trees.

Rich men in the West will buy
Wood that’s smooth and hard.
Turn it into furniture,
And sell it by the yard.
So – they took a hundred years
Growing in the breeze.
Dollar bills come floating down
Cos money grows on trees.

Oh, give me money.
Trees? What they for?
Oh just a waste of space so come on chop down more.

People say that we are wrong,
But we don’t see why.
We’re just doing what we’re told
By some other guy.
So – the forest is destroyed;
We don’t care a sneeze.
Dollar bills come floating down,
Dollar bills come floating down,
Dollar bills come floating down,
Cos money grows on trees,
Cos money grows on trees.

(Words & music copyright © Ian Blick & Tony Brown. Reproduction is strictly forbidden)



Also available in The Last Rainbow by Ian Blick and Tony Brown