The Super D.O.G.'s

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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What does Man's best friend really think of him? Join five Super D.O.G.'s as they tell you how they use their super powers such as hearing, smell and speed running to help some young humans who have lost their way.
'A great musical dealing with issues of concern to youngsters including respect and self-image'

Ages: 7-13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 8+

This takes the form of a lecture given by the 5 D.O.G’s to an audience of pups learning about this elite group of individuals whose task is to rescue young humans from the terrible situations in which they find themselves (The Super D.O.G.’S). In the first lecture, Radar discusses how he uses his special powers of hearing to help a young boy. One night, he hears strange sounds coming from the boy’s bedroom. He sees the boy tapping at the keys as strange and ugly pictures flash across the screen. Monsters and other creatures lurch into view and it seems that the boy is trying to destroy them one by one. Screaming sounds mixed with pounding music feed directly into the boy’s head through a wire.(Story in a Box). In the next scene, The three Cadets start to act out a scene where Mum and Dad are taking Kid out. They pass some shops and point out things in the windows. On meeting a friend they shake hands and chat and then go to the park and feed the ducks. Kid gradually becomes more and more demanding and unmanageable. Mum and Dad give sweets soft drinks and junk food to keep Kid quiet. Kid finally ends up hyperactive and totally uncontrollable.(Sugar, Sugar, Sugar). In the following scenes, The D.O.G.’S describe how they rescue other humans in danger of boredom (The Little Bird that Wouldn’t Learn to Fly). The D.O.G.’S try everything to help the humans (I’m Just Fine as I Am). And finally, when Droopy has a dream, the human realises that dogs can be helpful after all (Pay Respects).

The Super D.O.G.’S
Story in a Box
Sugar, Sugar, Sugar
The Little Bird that Wouldn’t Learn to Fly
I’m Just Fine as I Am
Pay Respects

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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-4-7

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