The Aliens Have Landed (and are living in a three-bed semi next to the video shop)

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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What would be an Alien's view of the way people of Planet Earth behave? Join Gol and Zum on their eventful vacation to our planet, where they do their best to fit in but soon get into difficulties with the new culture and find that they are not exactly welcome.

'A great school musical that is fun to perform, poking fun at our behaviour but also dealing with issues of prejudice and bullying.'

Ages: 7 - 13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 27+

Two aliens, Gol and Zum, decide on planet Earth as their destination. (Galactic Exploration). The travel agent persuades them to house-swap for a week with Mr. And Mrs. Nice, an ordinary Earth family. Arriving in the semi next to the video shop, and armed with a can of ‘dis-guys’ spray (used to help them fit in with the locals), they embark on their adventures with some humorous and sometimes saddening results. They experience the human sport known as football, (Football, Football!). but are bemused by it’s rituals, and later encounter two children arguing about the best video to watch because of it’s gratuitous violence. (Son of a Teenage Zombie) In the supermarket, Gol and Zum find out that humans can’t live without their mobile phones, only communicating  across the shopping aisles, (My Little Pocket Friend). At school, accompanied by a small Teddy they have found in the semi, they experience the darker side of humanity when two children in class use Teddy as an object of ridicule and hate, leaving him lying sprawled on the floor.(Bully, Bully). Upset by this behaviour, Gol and Zum pick up Teddy and return to the house only to realise that their spray has worn off. The neighbours start to become aggressive towards them when they find out that they have two ‘aliens’ living in the neighbourhood. (Why do we Hate?). The gathered crowd becomes more threatening, until the Travel Agent appears to rescues them from the ensuing mob, spraying them with ‘Silencer and Immobilisation Spray’ and although Gol and Zum threaten to take Planet Earth off the travel brochure, all of the characters promise to be sensible in future. (Turn it Around).

Galactic Exploration
Football, Football!
Son of a Teenage Zombie
My Little Pocket Friend
Bully Bully
Why do we Hate?
Turn it Around

Gol and Zum - two aliens
Travel agent
Mr. Pools – football pools collector
Mr. Video – video salesman
Mrs. Smith,Jamie, Jade – a family choosing a video
Mom, Kid, Shopper, Assistant – in the Supermarket
Mrs. Teach, Craig, Sophie - at school
Mr. Nice, Mrs Nice – nice people back from holiday
Various voices

Crowd members

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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-1-6

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