Too Much Cheese - Four Dreams and a Nightmare - Score, Script and MP3s (Digital Download)

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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Does eating food just before you go to bed give you nightmares? Join Jo and Rufus, the talking dog, as they find out just what happens when you have too much cheese and meet the sinister Dream Master. He can grant wishes but be careful what you wish for! 
'A great musical that deals with deception and the positive and negative aspects of ambition.'

Ages: 7-13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 15+

Jo loves cheese, and before she goes to bed one night, she sneaks some into her bedroom and falls into a deep, comfortable sleep and dreams of international cheeses (A Song about Cheese). In her dream, Jo meets the ‘Dream Master’ - a sort of devil, sort of magician who entices Jo in. He suggests that Jo could become anything she wishes by simply eating more and more cheese. Meanwhile, Rufus, Jo’s dog, has managed to eat some cheese that’s been lying around and begins to feel slightly ill. The next day, after school, Jo tells Rufus that she has bought some more cheese instead of spending it on the school disco, as her Mum wished. She eats it and dreams of becoming an elite athlete (Go for Gold). The next day, Jo meets her friends Mal and Alex who have been revising for the test next week. In her bedroom, she sneaks in a cheese baguette taken from school earlier, and worried that she’s done no work, begins revising (Testing Testing, One, Two, Three). Exhausted from all of the revision, she falls asleep, and the Dream Master reappears in her dream, promising that he will get her more and more cheese to help her. Mum and Gran are discussing how slim celebrities on the TV are (Rock and Roll Angel) and desperate for more cheese steals some money from Gran’s purse. Gran notices the missing money and accuses Jo of hiding something. The phone rings and it’s the Vet who says that Rufus is critically ill. Worried by this, Jo breaks down in tears (In my Dream). She dreams that Rufus died in hospital, but the Vet manages to save him and Jo makes promises to make amends by never eating cheese again (HMS Experience)  

A Song About Cheese
Go for Gold
Testing Testing, One, Two, Three
Rock and Roll Angel
In my Dream
HMS Experience

Jo: our hero/heroine
Rufus: Jo’s talking dog
Mum: Jo’s Mum
Gran: Mum’s Mum
Alex, Dan and Mal: friends of Jo at school
Dream Master: a figment of Jo’s imagination (or is he?)
Vet: from the dog hospital

Non-speaking parts
4 cheeses (at least)
A surgeon (not a real one)
An anaesthetist
Various actors/dancers to perform in the dreams

Script and Score
Script Example
Score Example

Piano Score samples
A Song about Cheese

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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-3-0

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