Kidswap - Score, Script and MP3s (Digital Download)

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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On entering the world of reality TV, two unsuspecting kids say goodbye to their own families and set off to find out what awaits them at the Kidswap house. They get the chance to read the new rules but find out that life just isn't what it used to be...

'A great key-stage 2 musical that deals with celebrity culture, responsibility and family values'

Ages: 7 - 13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 14+

When a new reality show comes on TV, two youngsters are put into each other’s homes and get to experience some pretty unusual house rules! (Me, Me on Nosy TV). When the two young contestants are introduced to their ‘new’ families, they have to learn new ways to live; in house Red children are allowed to do what they want, whereas in house Blue, the exact opposite is the norm. After the first night, both Kids make their first video diary. Kid Blue is really excited by all the changes he experiences, but Kid Red confides that she’s not as happy as she used to be (Way Back Home). Day two, both children get to swap each other’s schools, and after a day in their new classes they arrive home. Mum Blue insists Kid Red does her homework as soon as possible for which she gets paid money for completing. In the other house Dad Red say’s there’s not much point to homework and lets Kid Blue do what ever he chooses, which he does, avoiding the school work . At the end of the next video diary, the Kids get to reflect on the rules in their new homes. (Instructions) and are allowed to change one rule in the house. This they do and insist that just one rule needs changing - for their parents to just listen. (Listen to Me) At the end of the programme, the two kids make their last video diary and reflect on what they have learned -that rules are important, but that we all need a little less stress in our lives and that relaxing is just as important. The two Kids agree that it’s not the people that matter, but the way they treat each other, and say their final farewells to each other and Nosey TV. (Home Sweet Home Sweet Home)

Me, Me on Nosy TV
Way Back Home
Listen to Me
Home Sweet Home Sweet Home

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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-5-4

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