The Last Rainbow - Score, Script and MP3s (Digital Download)

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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Environmental issues are becoming a key-concern of our time and could become a problem for our childrens' future. Join Mark and Mary-Lou as they travel the world by Internet to defeat Boss Rat and his gang and save The Last Rainbow

'A great school musical that is fun to perform dealing with our responsibility as citizens of the world.'

Ages: 7-13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 27+

Whilst doing their homework online, (Surf, Surfin’ on the Internet) Mark and Mary-Lou discover a website called The site asks them to type in a number between one and seven, and when Mark types in the numbers, each scene takes him to different areas on the planet where the environment is under threat: Mark sees that the rainforest is under threat from de-forestation for cattle grazing (Money Grows on Trees), he visits the ice-cap and sees the Polar bear tanning himself in the hot sun because of the depleted ozone layer, (It's Cool to be a Bear); a family visit the Pyramids and although there is a lack of water in the desert, they casually discard their spent plastic water bottles with no regard for the issues of drought around them. (The Ship of the Desert). In the ocean, the sea creatures are preparing for a musical gig by practising on instruments they have made from all of the junk that humans have discarded in the sea, (Sea Blues) and in the city, strange goings-on are noticed as the rodents are in communication with their leader who wants to take over the planet by stealth. However, help is at hand from Mr.Lastrainbow, a colourful character, who rescues the earth from the rats, and their cunning leader, Boss rat! This show has a serious message (The Last Rainbow) about how humans are destroying the environment, and how we must all try to connect with each other to save our planet before it is too late! (Only Connect)

Surf, Surfin' on the Internet
Money Grows on Trees
It's Cool to be a Bear
The Ship of the Desert
Sea Blues
The Last Rainbow
Only Connect 

Mark: a British boy
Mary-Lou: an American girl
2 parrots
2 monkeys
2 treefellers
a pantomime cow
A polar bear
A penguin
2 desert dwellers
An American family – Mom, Pop and Junior
A pantomime camel (the cow with a hump!) 
A dolphin
A porpoise
Possibly a few fish
Boss Rat
3 other rats

Script and Score
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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-0-9

Also available in Hardcopy format with audio CD here

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