Reviews for the Last Rainbow

‘A fantastic show for primary aged children that worked extremely well as the centrepiece of a residential arts course for large numbers of children as well as a whole school or year group production.The comic theme a characters in the show provide an excellent vehicle to convey a serious message to the children and audience. Entertaining songs with engaging and memorable melodies and lyrics supported by a first rate backing track will help to ensure a successful performance in any school setting.’
Richard Hart (Former head - Bedfordshire Music Service)

‘Our year 3 and 4 children performed this wonderful show. They loved the songs which are great fun and became totally involved in the environmental issues covered. The production is a brilliant stimulus for work across the curriculum.’
Rob Hawkesford (Headteacher - Yew Tree Primary School, Solihull)

‘We really enjoyed performing The Last Rainbow. With our focus being dance and drama, there was something for everyone! We performed big dance numbers, which were fun and all very fitting to the theme of the play. There were plenty of speaking parts for those who wanted to act, and with many different scenes, the play had lots of colour, comedy, meaning and was all round entertainment. This musical was appreciated by all the families who came to watch us and it's certainly one I'd recommend for primary age children. Great script and score- and great fun to perform!’
Meral Barlow (Showtime Academy, Solihull)

‘Ian Blick and Tony Brown really know how to write for young people  I would recommend all their shows.’
Joyce Rothschild (Former Schools' Music advisor)