Paradise Island

by Ian Blick & Tony Brown

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What would it be like to find yourself on a beautiful desert island with everything you ever needed all around you? Surely nothing could spoil paradise? Join four children as they learn you can't have everything - there's always a price to pay.

'A thoughtful school musical that is lots of fun to perform, dealing with the fact that the world's resources are finite.'

Ages: 8 - 13

Performance time: 45 - 60 mins

Character Parts: 9

When four children find themselves sprawled on a deserted island with no idea about how they got there, they begin to explore the surroundings. After a while they decide that the golden sands and swaying palm trees show it’s a really nice place to be. (Paradise Island). The children relax into their surroundings, sipping cocktails and lazing about in the sun, but child X, the worrier, declares she is missing home, and all of the things she used to cherish, like mobile phones, and burgers and computers (The Important Things in Life). When the four decide that there might be others on the island, Mr Mob appears from nowhere with a bag full of mobile phones. The children ask him where he got the phones from, and Mr. Mob declares that all they have to do is dig up some magic minerals, chop down a few trees for energy, do a few clever bits of science, and there you are! Mr. Burger appears from nowhere soon after, followed by Mr. Trainer and Mr. Clothes, who, similarly, tell the children that all they have to do is take from Earth’s precious resources, sending them off on a boat to China, and they send back all of the goods anyone needs. As they deliberate this idea, Child B suggests they have another burger, but, suddenly, the supply of burgers runs out, along with many of the other resources from the Earth. (Running on Empty). Frightened that Paradise Island is disappearing, they send messages in bottles for anyone to help them. (Letter in a Bottle). Later, when they think a rescue team is coming, it turns out that a hurricane is coming to destroy the island, and in desperation, the children ask the audience to help them escape. (Never Too Late to Change)

Paradise Island
The Important Things in Life
Running on Empty
Letter in a Bottle
Never Too Late to Change

Child A - the wise one
Child B
Child C
Child X - the complainer
Mr. Mob - selling mobile phones
Mr. Burger - selling burgers
Mr. Trainer - selling trainers
Mr. Clothes - selling fashionable clothes
Mr. Computer - selling computers, games consoles etc…

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ISBN: 978-0-9931988-7-8

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